Since 1974 the IPS GmbH is engaged in Freshwater / Wastewater Treatment. During this time and the troubleshooting for our customers we gained a huge technical know-how which makes us a competent, strong partner for several industrial firms in Europe. We offer standard products as well as customized solutions in a strong dialog with our clients in the areas of water treatmant, process engineering and laboratory sytem technology.

Our services cover consulting, as well as planing and engineering of new products and processes. We develop special chemicals, special hardware and special constructions.

In the past years we and our sales partners kept in constant contact with our customers to launch new products which are sucessful and durable in use troughout the globe. We permanetly keep the following products under further development to stay on top of the market:

Level-Measurement-and Control Systems plus the appropiate intake fittings made of steel and sythetics for waste systems of radioactive or chemical contaminated laboratory sewage.

Level-Measurement-and Control Systems with extraction control units made of different material for the safe extraction and dosage of aggresive chemicals and detergents out of containers, barells and canisters with capacities from 5 to 60 liters.

Diverse check valves, hose connections, manifolds, jointers and armatures, custom made or serial production made out of synthetics, steel or titanium.

Mobile and statiionary constructions for the neutralization and conditioning of wastewater from front-cleansing, fire damage decontamination and similar application areas with a capacity of 11 to 5000 liters per hour.

Enginnering and production of precision mechanical work components with use of the most modern CAD, CAD & CNC processing as well as the appropiate electronic controls and components.

We are supporting our own Laboratory for the testing of new chemical products, for analysis of wastewater and freshwater and for the corrision control in water-/metalsystems.

We launch efficiency tests of newly developed detergents and inhibitors for the stabilization of water hardness.