VION 040 / 013 / OXAN 044: Biocides and phlegm prevention for technical water circulation.

VION 107/ 109 : standard active agent for drinking water

VION 140: water hardness stabilizers for drinking water.

VION 2140: anticorrosives & hardness stabilizer for drinking water.

VION 216: heavy metal precipitation.

VION 254: flocculation additive.

VION 255: anticorrosive for technical water circles.

VION 311/ 312 / 455: agent combination for the chemical treatment of coolants.

VION 455: Combination of water hardness stabilization, dispersion and anticorrosive for air cleaner of air conditioning systems and humidifiers.

VION 319/ 329: Agent combination for anticorrosive effects in cooling circuits.

OXAN 849: hardness stabilizer for coolants.

VION 7156: Combination for the treatment of closed hot and cold water circuits.

VION 900: Defoamer on silicon basis.

VION 916-G: Concentrate on basis of anorganic acids and dispersions.

VION 9553: Concentrate for the preparation of basic or acid cleaning liquids for technical water circuits.

VION 914 A: Premium decalcification agent , acid cleaning agent.

VION 916: Remover of mineral and corrosive deposits.

VION 955: Remover of organic and oily contaminations.

VION 956: Preparation and carbonic acid binding of industrial water circuits.




We deliver special products for the treatment of e.g. circulation water in air cleaners of air conditioning systems.

The wide range of efficieny of our products against bacteria and fungi prevents the circulation flora from phlegm and microbiological growth.

The effect of our products VION & OXAN eliminate the bacteria Legionella pneumophila und Legionella gormanii, the pathogens of the legionaires desease.

They also prevent scale deposits at the jet nozzles, nozzle fittings, scrubbers and agitation pipes.

The dispersion ability of VION & OXAN holds suspended particels in balance and remove them via the elutriation process. In addition the products come across as anticorrosives.

Furthermore we deliver anticorrosives, heavy metal precipitations, flocculation additives, scale remover, decalcification, sterillizations and agents against fungi and bacteria on request.